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Robert Bissell


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"His work disarms by narrating vitally grown up and urgent allegories in the guise of childlike humor."

William Zimmer, Art Critic, New York Times


His animal work is full of charged meaning and lore, and is touched by surrealism.” Suzanne Bellah, Director, Carnegie Art Museum  “In many ways, it seems that Bissell himself is on a quest—to encourage us to reflect on nature as well as the choices we make and the roads we travel. He holds up a looking glass so that we can see ourselves through the eyes of a bear or a hare, and in the process he takes us to a magical place.” 

Bonnie Ganglehoff, Southwest Art Magazine


Kinuko Craft

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"With her broad range of work and international acclaim, there is no further explanation required about

Kinuko Y. Craft as an artist. In spite of the many awards and honors bestowed upon her,

we must respect most of all, her steadfast attitude and the desire which drives her to continue to follow

her artistic dreams."

Shinichi Doi, Curator,

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Lori Preusch

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The Fable of the Sable - The Artist’s Touch


Each wondrous painting by Lori Preusch starts out the same way. With a dream, a vision, and a planned escape into that all captivating world of the inner child.


But before Lori can open the door to that world, she takes something special from this one. A simple, sable brush.  It was never designed for the harsh acrylic paints she uses…let alone the rough canvas that it dances on stroke after stroke.


Yet, with it she blends precision with dexterity, which allows her to create the subtle soft tones in a polar bear’s protective embrace or the gleam and light that shines from the rainbow of colors surrounding a child.

By carefully layering hue upon hue, Lori begins to build each story as it unfolds before her, letting the paintings become what they want to be.


And, by the end of the day, this once soft, silky brush is all frazzled and worn from use.


Yet, laying in an old wooden box in the corner of Lori’s studio is another 3 ot sable brush…just waiting for the day it is chosen to luminate the canvas and bring to life one more treasured memory of a world where anything is possible…and everything is magical.






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