The Kiss

Giclee on Canvas
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Edition of 100
22" x 18.5" inches
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Small Works Edition of 100
15" x 12" inches
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Robert Bissell 25 years in the USA commemorated by the The Kiss Limited Edition Print After being in this country for 25 years, it seemed appropriate to celebrate by doing a painting that did not forget my roots. I grew up with rabbits on the lawn outside my bedroom window every morning. They always seemed extremely happy and I think they somehow knew the farmer (my dad) would never try to shoot them that close to the house. There were always rabbits of some sort around in England and they became firmly fixed in my imagination from a very early age. I always think that rabbits are like creativity in all their fecundity and when I came to the United States, I realized that there is no end to the things we can do and create. I spent 15 years in advertising doing photography and graphic design before deciding to start to paint. I had to teach myself and struggled for many years getting my technique right. People here have been so receptive to my work and have encouraged me to pursue my imagination and creativity which I fully intend to continue. For me, The Kiss painting is like a greeting, or a coming together and I wanted the painting to be a reflection of my coming from England and reaching up with curiosity to embrace the new world around me. In that way I find myself at another beginning which, of course, is what creativity is all about.