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Small Works: 15" x 21" inches
Edition of 250 - SOLD OUT

Collectors Edition: 30" x 42" inches
Edition of 150

Collectors Artist Proof Hand-Enhanced: 30" x 42" inches
Edition of 50 - SOLD OUT

Deluxe Edition: 40" x 56" inches
Edition of 75 - SOLD OUT

Deluxe Artist Proof Hand-Enhanced: 40" x 56" inches
Edition of 35 - SOLD OUT

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At certain times of the year I am able to observe the full moon close to the horizon on the Pacific, just north of San Francisco. I can imagine being out on the water and at a low angle it seems as if the moon is actually sinking into the ocean. That was the idea I wanted to get into this painting. Edward Lear's poem The Owl and the Pussycat was also on my mind when planning this work, so there is owl placed above the occupants of the "boat" for good measure!

- Robert Bissell