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Kinuko Y. Craft and Michael Parkes have earned the stature of 'New Old Masters', who are the 'Old Masters' of our time. They are highly skilled masters with undeniable individuality and unrivaled techniques, who have dedicated their lives to art. Kinuko Y. Craft and Michael Parkes’s name belongs alongside our Old Masters, the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt.

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DreamWorld Art is pioneering a Majestic Collection, creating truly awe-inspiring artwork from small originals, transforming them into magnificent perfection of up to 72 inches without sacrificing details. To the naked eye, our artworks are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.

Michael Parkes
Michael Parkes
The Majestic Collection


As published in the US News article about The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, the entrance to Mal’akh’s Kalorama basement, where he conducts his experiments is hidden behind a classically inspired painting of The Three Graces, created by the American Artist Michael Parkes. Michael Parkes is often regarded as the Father of Magical Realism. He is the leading magical realist of our time. We are thrilled to bring to you The Three Graces as one of the carefully selected images in the Auromira Dreaming Collection. Michael Parkes draws and paints in a meticulous style of detailed representation, giving full expression to his inner world of images. Michael Parkes' works are collected by celebrities, prominent private collectors, and galleries around the world, and his body of work stands for all ages.
Kinuko Y. Craft
Kinuko Y. Craft
The Majestic Collection


We are thrilled to present the 'Visions of Beauty Majestic Collection', a stunning series of precious paintings by the renowned artist Kinuko Y. Craft. These rare and exceptional images are majestic in size, capturing the intricate detail of Kinuko's work with exquisite perfection. She is a true master of her craft, known for her unyielding pursuit of beauty and her deep understanding of art history. A storyteller through her paintings filled with mythical, mystical, and magical scenes from the world’s greatest stories. Her work has been widely exhibited in private and public collections, from the Smithsonian to the Museum of American Illustration, and the National Geographic Society.
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Prepare to be taken on a journey of imagination that allows each and every one of us to experience artistic magic.

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For me, looking at a Michael Parkes work evokes a feeling of beauty. His timelessly classic style, choice of colors, angles, and themes combine to create quite stunning pieces. And I truly mean the word stunning. These 6ft+ tall paintings command such a presence when you enter the room. Nearly every person that has walked into my living room has stopped in their tracks to look at this piece. The size of the paintings does justice to his work and the print quality is superb. I doubt you would need any testimonial from me if you see these paintings in real life, but if you’re trying to make a decision from a far, I would highly recommend it. Dianne Borsini-Burr arranged everything quickly, got it beautifully framed and sent out to me in perfect condition. Thank you Michael, Dianne, et al for bringing this art into my life.

Jacob Gissy

Whereas good art appeals to the senses, great art moves the heart, and exceptional art resonates with the soul. Michael Parkes' paintings are eye-thrilling, heart-moving, and resonate on a soul-filling level. His latest and newly released Auromira Dreaming Collection puts his creative genius on life-sized display. The limited-edition, large-scale printings of Parkes' masterpieces enliven their details and fill a room with grandeur. The Auromira Dreaming Collection is truly beauty magnified!

Tira Jones Holcomb

It is an absolute marvel of an art book. Kinuko's use of light and colors in her artwork is mesmerizing and invites you to delve into her fairlyland like landscapes and motifs. I could spend endless amounts of time appreciating the details in each page. I have Kinuko's Song of the Golden Nile painting as well as a her precious art book Drawings and Paintings, but Visions of Beauty has become my most treasured art book.

Fazil Muzammil

Such is the way of a true artist, to be able to speak without speaking and teach without teaching, to outlast the world and all its forms thru time immemorial. I have just been in awe of some of the painting done by Kinuko. These images capture you in real time, for they are a world within themselves, a calling to what was or what could be. The eye can never grow tired when face with such art. It's very easy to get lost in her visions of beauty.

Taylor Tucker

Kinuko Craft’s Visions of Beauty is the most extraordinary collection of fantasy art and illustration I have ever seen. Not only are the production values outstanding making merely holding the book in your hands a sensual experience, but the exceptional design and reproduction show Kinuko’s stunning work to its full advantage. Expansive splash pages, close up details, and elegant vignettes, combined with commentary about the artist’s life and work make this a true treasure and a highlight of my book collection. I cannot recommend it enough.

Colleen Doran

Visions of Beauty is an exquisitely hefty book, packed to the brim with art that sparks a nostalgic kind of wonder for the fantastical worlds Kinuko Y. Craft creates. The often hazy, luminescent style, combined with gorgeous colours and masterful attention to detail, make each and every page a feast for the eyes and imagination. I think it will take a long, long time to fully absorb the extent of her collected works. As an object, the construction of the book - with its sturdy dust jacket and pages, gold edges, and gorgeously embossed cover - makes Visions of Beauty an all around star of an art book, one to be treasured for decades to come.

Cat Wu

The moment this book slipped out of the packaging it took my breath away. The unexpected size, content and exquisite beauty of the artistic renderings on each page validate the overwhelming talent and vision of the artist. The golden edges of the pages come together to form a sparking star-like quality that draws the reader into exploring every painting with wonderment and awe. Beyond the myths, legends and fairytales that influence the artist’s work, are the subtle messages and symbols contained in each picture begging the viewer to delve deeper into the meaning of each brush stroke and formation. If wonderment, splendor and fantasy could be easily defined, it is within the pages of this tome.

Paula A. Sassi

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